10 Quick Tips About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an integral tool in getting your products and services in front of the people who need them most. Without it, success in the increasingly competitive environment of 21st century business becomes much, much harder. But digital marketing is a broad and multifaceted discipline. Tackling it on your own can be an intimidating task. Anything that can give you an edge in this competitive landscape should be embraced. With that in mind, here are 10 quick tips about digital marketing that all entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs should know…

1- Remember the 3 golden rules

Digital marketing can be a complicated discipline. If ever you find yourself flagging just remember the 3 golden rules;

  • Keep it simple
  • Be consistent
  • Respond quickly to feedback

2- It’s all about your website

Your website should be at the heart of your digital marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter how great an impression you make on social media or how impressive your Google Ads reach is if users are disappointed by your website. It should be audited regularly to ensure that it is optimal in terms of aesthetics and UX.

3- Don’t fall asleep on your NAP!

If you’re dependent upon business in your local market, it’s imperative that your NAP (Name Address Phone number) data is kept up to date on Google and every online directory in which it is logged.

4- Start local

You may have national and even global domination in mind, but it’s important to conquer the local market first. Take steps to conquer local SEO like obtaining backlinks from reliable local sources like the local newspaper or business guild.

5- Always be testing

You can never afford to rest on your laurels. You should be constantly engaged in market research and using it to inform your ongoing campaigns. Use paid ads as a means of testing what you’ve hypothesised from your research, implement and test again.

6- Don’t be afraid to put money down on paid advertising

Organic SEO is the gold standard, but building a following and a website to the extent where search engines notice you can take a long time. Don’t be afraid to invest some of your budget in Pay Per Click advertising.

7- Remember the function of social media

Social media is not a platform for you to subject your followers to a barrage of promotions. Sure, there’s space for that but it should also be combined with genuine social engagement. Otherwise, why should people bother to follow you?

8- Encourage online reviews

Online reviews are great social proof. They convince prospects of the legitimacy of your brand from the point of view of other customers. They can be a phenomenal resource that contributes enormously to your reputation. As such, you should be doing what you can to encourage and incentivise them.

9- Email marketing is still a thing

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that last year’s GDPR legislation has torpedoed your chances of engaging your customers via email. It’s still a great way of keeping in touch and bringing them exclusive special offers. It’s simply a matter of making sure you have obtained their consent.

10- Content will always be king

There’s really no substitute for an effective content marketing strategy. It adds value to your brand, gives prospects something of value for free and helps to build an identity that your customers and prospects alike want to engage with.

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