10 Signs You Should Invest in Branding

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Today, I’m going to talk about branding. Or, more specifically, ten signs that you should definitely start investing in branding. Without wasting too much time, let’s get straight down to business!

#1 No one really knows who you are

Talk to people and ask them if they’ve heard of your business. If nobody has a clue who you are, then it’s time to invest heavily in some branding. Build a brand, create a clear message, and they’ll soon know your business!

#2 People are contacting you for the wrong reason

Do you get calls from potential leads that are asking if you do certain things? If you keep getting asked about the wrong service, then your branding is clearly messed up. This shows it needs some investment, right now.

#3 You’re falling behind your rivals

If all of your closest competitors are doing better than you, then it’s one of the biggest signs you need focus on branding. If you build your brand up, then you can get more attention and create more leads.

#4 Your business is outdated

Does your logo look like it’s made from ClipArt? Is everything about your company outdated and old? If so, then this indicates you could do with some rebranding to freshen things up and get with the times.

#5 Consumers don’t trust you

Consumers trust some companies more than others, and it’s all to do with their branding. If you invest in your brand and create an image that inspires trust, then this will only benefit your company moving forward.

#6 You’ve changed the focus of your business

Sometimes, your business can start with one focus, but then shift to something else. If this has happened, then you have to invest in branding to rebrand your company around this new focus. Otherwise, everyone will be confused.

#7 You’re not gaining customers

A lack of customers is a good indication that your current branding just isn’t working. With an injection of cash, you can improve on your entire brand image to draw in new customers and make more sales!

#8 You’ve been receiving negative press

For whatever reason, there’s negative press surrounding your company. All it takes is one mistake to send the media flying in. So, if this is the case, then some improved branding can help you re-establish yourself as a legitimate organization and repair your reputation.

#9 People think your prices are too high

Are consumers avoiding your services because they’re deemed overpriced? Often, people will pay more for something based on the brand alone – just look at all the Apple products out there! If you genuinely think your services/products are worth a certain amount, then invest in branding to make your business look like its worth it!

#10 You have no social media followers

Social media is only an effective form of digital marketing when you manage to grow a substantial following. If nobody is following you, then it could be a branding issue. As such, you need to invest.

If you notice any of these signs in your small business, then you should definitely invest in branding today. By creating a fantastic brand image and message, you appeal to more people. It’s the key to establishing trust, developing a good reputation, and drawing in a loyal customer base.

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