3 Of The Best Kept Secrets About Digital Marketing

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If you run a small business, there’s a truth with which you need to get acquainted. It doesn’t matter how great you are at what you do if nobody knows who you are. Your business can be the very model of operational perfection. Your employees can be highly trained and motivated. Your products can outshine those of your competitors in every way… But in the hyper-competitive and fast moving world of 21st century commerce none of this matters if you’re unable to reach the people in your target market.

What’s more, in an age where your prospective customers have more brands than ever climbing over one another to get their attention you need every inch of inside track you can get. You need to master the art of digital marketing, and you need to do it fast. But who needs lengthy courses when you know these best kept secrets about digital marketing?

Your prospects are mobile… Your campaigns should be too!

We now live in an age where most of us access the internet through a mobile device. That means that in order to maximise your chances of making an impression on your target market, your campaign needs to be as responsive (i.e. mobile optimised) as possible. Not only does this mean that your content needs to look great and be easy to navigate on a mobile device, it means that you have less of a window in which to engage your prospects.

People on mobile devices tend to have less time and attention to give you, so your campaigns need to be extra eye-catching and engaging.

It’s all about micro-moments

In one regard, digital marketing is just like anything else… It helps to be in the right place at the right time. And micro-moments are all about knowing the right moment to engage with your prospects. In the mobile age, web users want instant gratification and identifying the right micro-moments is the key to digital marketing success.

Common micro-moments include;

  • “I want to go” moments
  • “I want to do” moments
  • “I want to buy” moments

These are the conditions under which your prospects will instinctively reach for a mobile device. If you can convince users that you can get them what they need at these moments quickly and easily you will earn their loyalty.

Content is more important than ever

As competition grows fiercer and more abundant, it’s more important than ever to give your prospects that all-important something for nothing. Content is a great way to do this. It gives your brand a voice and builds value in your brand and yourself as its guiding force. However, for your content marketing strategy to be effective it needs to deliver content that is of value to your target market. It needs to help them overcome a problem or inform them on subjects they want to know more about.

Digital marketing is, sadly, not a level playing field. You’re sharing a platform with more established brands and bigger businesses with greater resources. Knowing the trade secrets can help to give you the inside track you need.

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