5 Awful Sales Tactics that must be Avoided

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Bad sales tactics have the capacity to spread like a virus. There may be one tactic that could have become successful with one salesperson and then someone else employs it. Before you know it, the tactic starts spreading like wild-fire among the business community. Unfortunately, they may be touted as the “best marketing tactics out there”. It is important to avoid methods which may apparently cause some short-term benefits but are harmful to the business in the long run. Read on for some awful sales tips that you should steer clear from.

1. The Persistent Salesman Tactic

This sales tactic that annoys the customers by badgering them for purchase should be banished from the handbook of market strategies. When the line between harassing someone and convincing someone gets blurred, it is time for the sales department to take a step back. It is vital to reassess your method. You should not annoy your customers. As a matter of fact, the buyer should be attracted to your purchasing model in an organic way. The sales department of any company should work on developing fruitful and engaging methods to reel the customers towards them.

2. The Random Bombardment of Product Models

Customers can very easily tell the difference between a company that uses a personalized approach to target them and one that sends out a billion, automated, random e-mails. This is where your great customer service skills can shine through. A product model that effectively educates and is tailored to the specific consumer is more likely to get a positive reception.

3. Dishonesty About the Product’s Shortcomings

There are many shady and sketchy tactics employed by the sale companies and their representatives where they lie about their product’s performance. This is a very harmful tactic. It is maladaptive not just to the consumer but also to the company. You may have secured a deal or a purchase, but that customer is not going to return for a second round. You have lost that customer forever. On the flipside, the customer is now going to rant about the negative experience with your company. Be upfront about the product’s pros and cons.

4. Being Overtly Chatty

There is nothing worse than a sales rep that keeps blabbing about the product’s features. This is an error that is oft-repeated. You may be in the “drive the sale” mode but your customer is not on the same wavelength. If you are not listening to the customer’s requirements and needs, they will never be fully convinced of your product’s strengths. You have to ensure that the customer feels a connection with the brand. The only way to forge that connection is to listen more. So, listening to the customer’s expectations is a sale enhancing mechanism.

A sale is a positive experience for both the seller and buyer if open and honest communication is established. Sales rep and companies must leave shady tactics and outdates gimmicks to woo the customers. Being helpful, honest and trustworthy is better for the buyer, you and your company.

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