5 Common Email Marketing Strategies to Avoid

If you are in those businesses that are still using outdated and old e-mail marketing techniques, then a plummet in sales and leads should be a no surprise for you.

There are many companies that rely on e-mail marketing to market their products. Thus, there are millions of e-mails sent out every day. For a business to thrive, they have to ensure that the scores of e-mails they are sending out are different from the rest. They have to stand out from the crowd. Previously, we covered a post on the dos of e-mail marketing. This post will cover the don’ts of e-mail marketing.

1. Sending from Donotreply Domains

It is quite perplexing as what the companies wish to accomplish by sending out e-mails from these domains. If you are not letting the business engage with the customer, then it is already a big turn-off for the client. To counter this trend, set up a system of sending out mails from domains that the users can reply to and contact. Ensure that the contact details and all your relevant social media links are given to the customer. If you are the face or the managing director of the business, then send the e-mail from that name as it would seem more personalized and individual.

2. Be Careful of Sending Image-Based E-mails

Less than half of the e-mail users have their images turned off by default. So, if you have sent your e-mail as an image, it is most likely not read by the user. It will be seen as one giant empty box. Additionally, e-mails without an image are easier to read. The image-only e-mails also have a lower click-through rate than other emails.

3. Linking to the Relevant Sales Page

Converting prospects into leads becomes easier if the users open your e-mail which has a link to the sales page of your website. If the user opens your e-mail and they are faced with a link directed to your homepage, they are not likely to make any purchase. Having the link to a proper and relevant landing page is a sales booster.

4. Relevant Content

There are many companies that make the mistake of sending content in a one size fits all approach. The message that you are sending to the CEO of a company must be different to the mail sent to the owner of a poultry farm. So, creating personalized, engaging content that is relevant to the person you are sending to is essential.

5. Mobile-Friendly E-mail Interface

This is the era of smartphones. Users barely open their laptops or computers to check their emails. That particular habit has become quite outdated now. Your e-mail needs to be optimized for the cell phones. The users must be able to read the e-mails with ease.

E-mail marketing is still used by many companies. The reign of social media may have taken over but e-mail marketing still drives a generous amount of sales to the businesses. The solution is to adopt the right methods.

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