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Did you know that content marketing is one of the most important things in your business’s marketing plan? If you are running out of ideas for your content marketing business then you are at the right website! Remember that you are not alone (in running out of ideas). So we have gathered some plans for you to be able to apply it to your business.

People usually used common content marketing ideas that’s why it is very cliché for some customers or clients and usually end not patronizing their business. But if you have unique and very pleasing to the eyes content marketing ideas, then you will be able to attract clients the most!

Use some of these content marketing ideas, you’ll never know if one of these will attract clients for your business.

Blogs posts and articles

Try having a written content marketing strategy, it will be the starting point of all. If your topics are really relevant and your topic is optimized for search engines, expect that new visitors will come to your website. Nevertheless, this kind of strategy is only effective in attracting readers who really best to read if they are useful and well-written ones.

You know that the internet is such a big place, your blog posts or articles aren’t that enough to be seen by people online. You should be able to write posts and articles that show new information, or helps your potential customers in the right way, or even entertain them. If you are also having a hard time making topics to write, then why not ask your customers? Their feedback will also help you to make new articles.

Video Series

As social media emerge, evolves, and improve, many creative videos circulate online. Also, experts pointed out that video is the next big thing in content marketing since the year 2016. Videos can be a great help for content marketing ideas as people are now attracted to watched videos, as you can see more than 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube everyday.

There are so many ways on how to use video content in your marketing plan, and video series is one of them. This will test your creativity and also will give you a chance to test a wide range of video types and topics. To gain clients using video series you should be able to make the best of the content and promote it as much as possible or as much as you can.


Kinda getting bored of making blogs and articles? And being creative is your style? Well, why not try this strategy? Making infographics can also attract people and visitors to your website. If you want to summarize or just want the important words to be seen then why not use infographics. Infographics can be easily made via online websites. It is better than blogs and articles because these two are hard to digest for some, and infographics show illustrations and also the important words themselves. It is also more colorful and you can be creative the way you want.


Many people love lists. Actually, lists are among the most shared topic on the internet. And I bet you are one of them too. You can create a list that is applicable to your target audience and they will also help you to spread your message.

One of the great things about the internet is that its capacity to show lists in a wide variety of formats which includes gifs, slideshows, and some text lists. Always look for the format that works best for you. The topics should be relevant to your consumer’s needs of your business.

Free Course

This strategy, which is a free course is a great way to present that you really know what you are talking about (also highly marketable). To secure this content marketing idea operates value and return on investment, start with the very first step which Ruth Soukup said.

Do not forget to make a substantial content marketing plan on how to promote your free course which includes pre-launch marketing emails and social updates. And if also possible, send it to some influencers you know that can take the course for a review.

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