5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency

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Deciding between having an in-house marketing team and working with an external agency, can see like a toss of a coin when picking the best one. Of course, our views might be a bit biased but even we know when you should or should’ve worked with an agency.

I’ve seen (and worked with companies) who had in-house marketing people, both taking a wage and spending marketing budgets like kids buying Pix’n’Mix sweets and getting zero results for it.

Here are our 5 reasons why you should hire a marketing agency

  1. Freshen up your marketing strategy. Sometimes in marketing, you are simply too close to see the wood from the trees, trust me, as a marketer, even when looking at our own business we can be too close to really make headway. However, when we work with clients, we do a deep dive to understand how they operate, who they work with (who they like to work with, that could be different!), and a lot more. This allows us to bring a fresh perspective to each client and attack their marketing with passion and new ideas from our experience with the wider market, from technology, terminology, and more.
  2. More time to do what’s important to you. One of the biggest wins with outsourcing any service is the fact that it should buy you time back, and time is a valuable resource in any business, big or small. Marketing is an important aspect of any business, without it, you get no leads, and without leads, you get no new customers. But the simple fact is experts get things done quicker because they know what they are doing. If you have to learn how to do ads on Google or Facebook, then you have to go through that huge learning arch in order to stand a chance, an expert knows what to do and when do it, thus saving your time and speeding up the process.
  3. Save up on costs. Cost is always one of the biggest questions when it comes to either hiring in-house marketing people or outsourcing all of your marketing to an agency.So let’s break it down…Junior Graphic Designer – £21,753 per yearJunior Content Writer – £32,968 per year
    Junior Website Designer – £23,606 per year
    Junior Social Media Manager – £30,656 per year
    Junior SEO/PPC Executive – £20,662 per year
    That’s £129,645 per year, not including other benefits like holiday pay, sick pay, medical insurance, etc, so it’s a bit of outlay to create a team of junior marketing people (remember, these are junior level, hiring more senior people will cost a lot more). This is where a marketing agency really comes into it’s own, with most offering packages for a lot less, but bringing a higher level of skills and additional people to the team (project management, etc)Not to mention the software costs, tools for things like SEO, Graphics, Video Editing, etc all have a price tag to them as well as having to buy the computers and the tools to run them.So weigh up the costs, In-House around £150,000 per year Vs a £3,000 a month Marketing Agency costing £36,000
  4. More Creative. Outsource creativity for original ideas and concepts. Outsourcing your marketing efforts means also outsourcing creativity. It’s expensive both on time and money to generate creative ideas that capture attention and spread the word about your business. Hire a marketing agency and leave that to the professionals.
  5. Easier to change. The one reason you probably didn’t think I would include in this list! Let’s face it when you hire staff if they are underperforming you have to jump through a lot of HR hoops in order to performance manage them out of the business, a process that can take a long time and be quite costly. Compare that to switching agencies, you are signed up to work with them for a set amount of time, normally around 6 months, with a month or 2-month cancellation clause. So if things aren’t working, you can pull the plug and move on, no HR issues, no headaches, just a clean break. This also works if your business isn’t doing so well, rather than make redundancies, you can cut external contractors a lot easier (I really shouldn’t be putting this! But hey, we are upfront and honest as a company!)


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