5 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Followers

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It might seem vain to think too much about your Twitter follower count, but it’s an important metric in many different ways. For a start, having more followers on the platform also means that you have more influence. It can also result in more leads, a bigger audience and more customers being interested in your content. All of those things are vital for modern businesses, so read on to find out how to grow your Twitter followers.

1. Make Use of More Visual Content

Visual content is engaged with more on Twitter than other types of content. A nicely worded tweet is great, but it will almost always do better if it’s accompanied by a great photo, a video or even a gif. People’s attention is drawn to that kind of content when they’re scrolling through. But if all they see is text, they might not even stop to look at what the tweet is saying.

2. Consider How You Time Your Tweets

If you put out your tweets at times when your audience is least likely to be on Twitter, your tweets are not going to perform well. This leads to less engagement, less interaction and fewer shares. This is a problem when you’re looking to grow your followers, so start thinking more about the times when engagement is most likely.

3. Funnel Followers from Other Sources

I’m sure you have a website that people visit, so why not make use of this website as a way of funneling more people onto your Twitter page. You can create links on your website that take visitors to your Twitter page, giving people the chance to follow your Twitter account very quickly and easily. If people are given this chance to follow you, many of them will take it.

4. Know When and When Not to Jump on the Bandwagon

When there’s a viral tweet or some kind of new meme that everyone’s jumping on and having fun with, you can have some fun with this too. If you create a funny tweet that people like, it’ll go viral and you’ll gain some new followers along the way. At the same time, you need to know not to jump on the bandwagon because if you’re late to the party or your joke falls short, it could be counterproductive.

5. Stay Active and Tweet Often

People often underestimate just how important this point is. When you stay active on social media, your following will organically grow. Of course, it will grow faster the better the content is, but before you worry about that, simply tweet often. Accounts that are active drive more engagement and are more likely to be followed by people. So if you’re not sure what to do, keep going because a dead account is the worst of all possible options.

Twitter is a key platform for many businesses and growing your Twitter following isn’t as difficult as you might think. Taking the steps listed above will have a tangible impact on your success on the platform and your follower count will steadily grow from there.

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