Are SEO Services Worth It?

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A question that we get asked all the time is “Are SEO Services Worth It?”

Now, I’m going to annoy many people in our industry with some of the comments and answers in this article, let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly sides of SEO.

Firstly, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is effectively the process of making your site more relevant for your audience, making it easier for Google and other search engines to connect your site with the people looking for your services and products.

So, let’s look at the GOOD side of SEO, it is one of the best ways to bring sustainable traffic to your site. So what does that actually mean in English? It means that having good SEO on your site will help you be seen by Google and the other search engines, in turn bringing more people to the site and hopefully, more paying customers. People rarely look past the first page or two of Google and when you think there are 63,000 searches done every second, returning hundreds of results on each topic, getting your site to the first couple of pages will get you good traffic (you just have to work to get there!)

Now for the BAD part of it, like all good things…. it takes work. With more than 1.6 Billion (that’s Billion with a B!) sites out there and more going live each day, each fighting for their space on the first pages of every search engine, your site has to fight just as hard, if not harder! There are no real secrets to SEO, there are changes you need to make on-site to make it user-friendly, fast, and relevant, along with more technical aspects, link building, etc. None of these are the dark arts like a lot of people make them out to be, they do require a bit of skill, know how and time to implement them. That is where people fall down, there are so many things that need to be done to keep businesses afloat and growing, and SEO is often the last thing on people’s mind.

Then there is the UGLY side, where you get people charging a little and delivering even less. We’ve see companies charging just £99 per month for full SEO services! Amazing price… but what are they actually doing? The truth is not a lot. In the UK alone the average price of SEO ranges from £1,000 to £9,000 per month to really make an impact. Cards on the table, we also offer a lower cost option for SEO but we outline from day one that it will take a while for it to pay off. SEO can deliver great rewards but how and when really depends on your budget


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