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In many ways, it’s more important to keep hold of your existing customers and keep them buying than it is to find new ones. An email list can be a big part of that because when you’re always in direct contact with the customers you already know are interested in your brand, the marketing emails you send to them will be more effective at securing sales and pushing your products or services. So, here’s how to build your email list successfully, starting today.

Create a Personalised Call to Action

The first thing you need to do is create a personalised call to action that the user will see when they visit your website. Regular calls to action are great but a personalised one is usually a lot more effective. You do this by creating a call to action that directly references the users want, and this can be decided by the page they’re reading, for example. You’ll have a much better chance of that person giving you their email address this way.

Add a Slide to the Pages of Your Website

Pop-up slides are also an effective way of engaging people and asking them to sign up to your email listen. It doesn’t have to be something bothersome. Instead, you can use a timed system, which means the person won’t be targeted by a pop-up asking them to submit their email address until they’ve been actively browsing the site for a certain period of time. That’s when they’ll be more likely to sign up.

Don’t Forget to be Light-Hearted About It

You’ve probably seen light-hearted email signup pop-ups before and they can make a difference. It shows people that your company has a sense of humour and isn’t taking things too seriously. It’s usually done by asking the person if they want to sign up and gain certain benefits, and then the ‘no thanks’ option will have some kind of joke included in it.

Present the Value You’re Offering

If you want people to give you their email address and sign up to your newsletter or whatever you’re offering, you need to give them a reason to want to. You do this by presenting the value you’re providing to the user. Show them how they’ll benefit and why they’ll really want to get your emails going forward.

Use A/B Testing to Work Out When Best to Deliver Your CTA

Finally, you can make use of things like A/B testing to get a better idea of where exactly you should place your calls to action. The position of the CTA will impact just how effective it is at persuading people to give you their email address and sign up. A little testing goes a long way and will help you understand how to proceed.

Each of the techniques and tactics mentioned above will help you to build your email list effectively and quickly. The sooner you start making these kinds of changes, the easier it’ll be for you to improve your email marketing outcomes.

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