Content Marketing

In order to expand your brand, it takes more than a great advertisement on either a 10-foot building or a 1:1 square on Instagram. Companies realize that customers are going online, searching for something.

We live in the age of information and there is a demand for knowledge. Providing your customers with something useful like knowledge is a great way to expand your company’s brand. All it takes is great copy.

Excellent copy is a gateway to brand familiarity, raising in thought leadership, provoking specific emotions in your audience and communicating key messages to make your business memorable. Today content must be authentic and engaging for both human readers and search engines. By utilizing great copy, you can easily improve your SEO.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting boils down to writing. It is writing with the intention to sell a product or service while also engaging with the audience. You want it to take your target audience on a journey by getting to know your brand. You want them to not only know your brand but believe in your brand so much that they commit to making a purchase again and again. Compelling copywriting also needs to be of quality. Though it is not all about using neither big words and complex sentence structure nor good grammar and punctuation, you also want to make sure your message can be clearly heard. That way you are converting your target audience in the way you intended.

With the right copy, your company’s brand will propel into instant recognition when potential customers are scrolling through Instagram or walking down a busy city street. Unite this with attention-grabbing graphics and you have an unshakable force of professional branding

Types of Copywriting


This refers to the long and short form of producing copy for advertising purposes. Any sentence or word on an advertisement is considered copy. Excellent copy on an advertisement should not only pull the attention of the reader, but it should induce them to take action.

Our Process


We submerge ourselves within your business, getting to know its history, mission, core values and brand personality. With this knowledge, we are able to develop a tone that pairs perfectly with your business’ aesthetic, culture and vibe. This is the most important step because we stand firm on building an authentic brand that speaks true to the core purpose of the business. Taking the time to get to know a business is essential for these results.


Knowing the data is crucial. The success of your brand’s exposure falls down to numbers. In order to know what is working and what is not, what you should do more of or what you should do less, you have to see the numbers. We take the hassle out of gathering and analyzing that data. We conduct competitor and industry research to recognize gaps and possibilities in the market.


Using the data gathered we begin crafting your copy and key messaging to the elements of the medium. Simultaneously, this copy will effectively engage and draw the attention of your target audience.


We regularly monitor and adjust copy over time. As with any living thing, the environment in which a brand sits within changes. Therefore a business’s tone and personality should adapt to match and preserve credibility, relevance and competitiveness within its market.