Google Ads Management

Google Ads stands as the premier paid search platform globally, with 65% of small-to-medium enterprises harnessing its power to draw in new clientele. If Google Ads isn’t part of your strategy, you’re bypassing a substantial avenue to instantly connect with potential clients. Our team of PPC specialists is here to ensure you maximise the benefits from your Google Ads campaigns.

PPC is the essence of positioning your business prominently and swiftly, whilst maintaining budgetary control.

We’re a PPC agency with an established record of accomplishments. We assist businesses, irrespective of their size, in achieving their objectives through precise, quantifiable PPC initiatives.

Our methodology is straightforward – we pinpoint the apt keywords, draft compelling adverts, and refine landing pages to transform visitors into patrons.

About Our PPC Service

We carry out in-depth keyword analysis to identify the most economical approach for targeting customers actively seeking the products or services you provide. Our emphasis is on aligning with user intentions, ensuring you invest only in keywords likely to lead to conversions.

Through our monthly Google Ads management service, we aim to boost your visibility, increase traffic, and achieve conversions from your Google Ads campaigns. Together, we’ll devise a strategy that aligns with your objectives and budget.

Our advert content is sharply tailored to your desired audience, utilising the keywords they’re looking for to guide them to your landing pages. We’ll persistently test and tweak our ads to ensure they bring you the most suitable traffic at the most cost-effective rate.

Our reporting service offers in-depth data and insights to monitor your campaigns’ performance. Stay updated on essential metrics, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI), empowering you to make decisions rooted in data.

We deeply engage with your business and sector, understanding everything from your distinct advantages and rivals to the specific terminology familiar only to those in the field. Subsequently, we work alongside you to craft a strategy that yields results, incorporating measurable outcomes and reporting to guarantee alignment with your objectives and budget.

PPC audits are like tune-ups for your ad accounts; over time, they can get out of alignment and start to underperform. A PPC audit can help you identify and fix problems, so your accounts are running smoothly and efficiently.


Unlock the true potential of your PPC campaigns with our FREE audit! Dive deep into your performance metrics, uncover hidden opportunities, and refine your strategy for maximum ROI. Don’t miss out on this chance to get a comprehensive review at absolutely no cost. Secure your free PPC audit today and give your campaigns the boost they deserve!

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FAQs for Pay Per Click

Ad spend can be what you want it to be, from £50 to £50,000, as a company we work with companies whose minimum budget for their ad spend is £1,000 per month

We have a simple pricing structure of 30% of your monthly budget (So if the budget is £1,000 per month, we charge £300 a month – 30%, meaning your total month spend is £1,300.

We cap this at £500 a month

A paid online advertising strategy, pay-per-click advertising allows your business to place ads across the web. You can promote your company in search results, on websites, and even on social media platforms. PPC ads can feature text, images, and even video.

An ad network refers to a platform that can deliver your ads to users. Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is an example of an ad network. If you want to create PPC ads, you will use an ad network, like Google Ads, Facebook, or Microsoft Advertising.

Ad spend, also known as advertising spend, is your ad network budget. It’s how much you’re willing to spend with ad networks, whether for the year or the month. In most cases, businesses use ad spend to refer to their monthly budget.