MentalTheft is a company led by Paul Newton, specialising in keeping people safe from scammers and fraud, through face-to-face and virtual talks, a best selling book and a membership site

Our team was brought in to help the MentalTheft add another level to their business with the addition of a membership site on their website.

As part of the project, we explored MentalTheft’s customer journey, including all of the avenues that they interact with both B2C and B2B organisations and the general public, looking at how they take advantage of a captive audience and use it to grow their business.

As part of the project, we implemented a new wordpress website, taking them away from their previous WIX construction. This included creating graphics and other resources for the platform. We also built in a membership side, which allows Paul and the team to have a membership element, offering exclusive content, insights and more.

We are also planning a virtual event in 2023