Social Media Management

Stand out from the crowd and earn your place on social media!

Social Media Experts – Find out how we can help your business

The benefits of social media are incredible, but it’s a full-time job to maintain your account. You need posts every day and at all times in order for them be seen by potential customers or clients!

We know the demands of running a business and making time for social media can be tough. That’s why we offer our Social Media Management Service, which will plan out your perfect strategy so you don’t have to worry!

Our comprehensive management services starting from just £450/month there is no need to struggle with your social media any longer!

What You Can Expect From Our Service

Social Media Strategy

Just posting to social media isn’t enough, there has to be a plan to make sense of the content you have. So we create a strategy and a calendar to make sure we maximise your presence on your select channels


Planning and auditing is the start, the real fun is in the posting! We take the posts that we create using your assets and get posting, implementing the plan we create to get your brand out there

Monitoring and Reporting

Posting content is great, but we have to keep an eye on it and make sure that we are still driving toward the goals we want. So we monitor the social media channels and report back to you what is happening and how we are adapting

Content Audit and Plan

You’ve got to have something to say in order to post it, so we do a deep dive into your content assets (images, videos, blogs, etc) to see what you’ve got and to create a plan on what needs to be created (we can also create it for you!)

Post Creation

We take the assets you have (blogs, photos, graphics, videos, etc) and create meaningful posts around them, building an archive of posts ready for your selected channels

Why Pick Ruddle Digital?

That’s a good question! The simple answer is, we are not the same as the traditional social media companies out there, who charge silly amounts of money to do just 1 post a week on 2 or 3 social media channels (We’ve seen people charge £300+ per month for that!!)

Posting once a week is pointless, it won’t have an impact and it certainly won’t get you seen! Social Media is about consistency and volume, we need to get you posting 2 or 3 times per day to multiple channels in order to stand a chance – and that can be scary!

Our experience in marketing, especially joined-up marketing from content creation through to client retention is second to none. Our dedicated team loves helping our clients make an impact and share in the victories of getting them new business.

We run our client’s social media channels as if they were our own as if we were sitting in your office, we are part of your team!

Who is this service for?

Our Social Media Management service is for businesses who know that social media is now a vital tool in building a brand and acquiring customers, but don’t have the time or the hours in the day to be there consistently.

We understand that the social media world can be scary, but that is why we hold your hand and talk you through what we are doing, to reassure you that your brand and message are in safe hands.

Our Social Media Management service gives you peace of mind and buys your time back, by working with us, using our expertise and years of hard learning, we give you that freedom.

It’s time to take your social media seriously!

How we work

The Planning

The first step is the plan, we work with you to learn about your business, audit your assets, and set your goals. This allows us to build up the social media posts ready to being posting