Marketing can be seen as a dark art and it’s easy for people to get overwhelmed with it, so to help you understand more about marketing and how you can use it to get the best results possible, we have created a series of webinars to help break marketing down into bite-sized chunks.

From introducing you to the world of digital marketing, through to looking at social media, we have a range of different topics ready, and in planning, to help you make the most of every opportunity!

Run by our Founder and MD, Matthew Ruddle, join and learn about marketing!

Webinar – Introduction to Digital Marketing

If you find the current array of digital platforms baffling, but also feel that you should be harnessing some of them for your business, then this webinar is for you.

We will explore the various Digital Marketing opportunities and enable you to be effective on the most appropriate platform for your target audience. Using the latest analytics you will be able to see exactly what it is costing and which platforms are delivering the best results.

Webinar – Building Your Marketing Plan

In order for the business to fully adopt a customer-centred approach, a plan is needed. This webinar helps you to work through the opportunities for your business and develop a plan to turn them into sales and profit.

If you are looking to adopt marketing principles in your business and need to write a plan to achieve them then this course will provide you with the valuable tools to achieve your goals.