Why a Lead Magnet Will Build Your Email List

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Ever wonder how to grow your email list with qualified clients? Thinking on how to provide valuable content for everyone? Well, this article fits for you!

Why not try Lead Magnet? Have you ever heard of this before? As a business owner, you should be worrying about how to gain clients or customers so that you will be able to improve and grow your business more. Using this is a superb way to gain imminent customers’ contact information and send them on a customer journey which will they be able to enjoy.

As you can see not all who visit your business website are going to buy on their first visit. They might be browsing, searching, or even unsure if they accept your offer if they really need it. It really takes time to build their trust, confidence, and relationship. Instead, why don’t try to capture their email addresses and make it a way to begin a relationship.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a worthy item you offer to your visitors of your website in exchange for their name and email address or any other contact information. The lead magnet offers them something tempting for them to encourage which they will be able to subscribe to your email list.

Getting their email is a great deal. You truly want their email, so you will have to offer them something they want in return.

If you don’t know, most successful entrepreneurs use a lead magnet to set up their list. This lead magnet usually offers downloadable contents like a free PDF checklist, reports, ebooks, or even videos.

What makes a Great Lead Magnet?

Here are a few things that your lead magnet should do if you really want to be absolutely alluring:

  1. Solves the real problem – your lead magnet should solve a real problem of what the client wants, if not, then it will not work at all.
  2. Be super specific – be specific about the benefits of your lead magnet. The better the benefits, the more clients you will have.
  3. High value – your lead magnet should acquire both high perceived value and high actual value.
  4. Promises one swift win – your lead magnet should help them to easily attain something.
  5. Easily accessible – your lead magnet will work if it is something that can be distributed right away. People do love a quick gratification.


Here are the list of some Great Lead Magnets that will surely Build your Email list

  • Blue Print
  • Case Study
  • Coupon
  • Digital Report
  • Ebook
  • Free Trial
  • Giveaway
  • Swipefile/Template

Choosing the Best Lead Magnet for your Business

There are many great and best lead magnets ideas circulating online (if you are reading about business). The first key to success in building your own list is looking for the one that best suits your own business and do have a big appeal to the market. Your business depicts what lead magnet idea should you use.

Always remember that your lead magnet needs to fix or solve a problem, so you really need to carefully determine your target market that needs help.

Having a webinar or making videos can be an ideal lead magnet, but if you lack resources for that you might want to think of another idea or start with something else.

Promoting Your Lead Magnet

Here are just tips and ideas on how you will be able to promote your lead magnet:

  1. Use a compressed page.
  2. Always include your lead magnet “sign up” on all of your business page.
  3. Be sure to promote your lead magnet on social media.
  4. Considering doing or having a pop-up.
  5. You can use the “Hello” bar.
  6. Always mention your lead magnet in the signature line of your email address.
  7. You might want to ask your subscribers to forward your email to other people.
  8. Lastly, you can add your lead magnet to any other marketing efforts.


Using lead magnet will surely have a great impact on your business. Might as well try and think of using this for your business to improve.

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