Why Every Business Needs Digital Marketing

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The growth of digital marketing has been nothing short of exponential and, quite frankly, every business needs to embrace it ASAP. Including yours!

Still unsure as to whether it has something to offer your venture? Here are just eight reasons for your business to start mastering the web like a spider right away.

#1. It’s cost-effective

Every business decision should be a financial decision, but this is especially true when dealing with marketing techniques. After all, making your budget work harder leads to less pressure and greater profits. Digital marketing campaigns are far cheaper than traditional options and (when done well) offer greater ROIs than you could ever imagine.

#2. Targeting is easier

There’s nothing worse than knowing that a lot of your marketing efforts are falling on deaf ears. Digital marketing is data-driven and lets you use filters to ensure that PPC campaigns and other paid ads to ensure that ads reach the right people. Metrics such as age, gender, location, and personal tastes can all be used for heightened targeting.

#3. You’ll reach new audiences

In addition to reaching your niche with greater authority, you’ll reach new audiences too. People can find your brand through YouTube channels, engaging content, and referrals from friends and family. This establishes access to secondary target markets without diluting your content or alienating the primary demographic. Perfect.

#4. Campaigns Work 24/7

We live in a world that is dominated by online communications. Given that repetition is vital (it is believed 6 to 8 interactions are needed to convert interest into a sale), the omnipresence of digital marketing is vital. Apps, social media followings, and visits to the website all encourage consumers to keep moving forward on the customer journey. This ultimately leads to more sales.

Source: https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2015/04/takes-6-8-touches-generate-viable-sales-lead-heres-why-gp.html

#5. You can express yourself

When opting for traditional marketing methods, a lot of the content will feel bland. With digital marketing tools like social media, blogs, and video marketing, it’s possible to give real insight into the people behind the brand. When consumers can buy into what you do as a company, they will look more favourably upon your products.

#6. Real-time interactions

Furthermore, social media and other platforms enable you to interact with the customers in real-time. This participation can be through comment threads, running polls, and various alternative solutions. This offers a free approach to keep the business fresh in their minds while also learning more about their consumer behaviours.

#7. Offline sales will soar

A lot of inexperienced businesses make the mistake of thinking digital marketing is all about generating online sales. However, the growth of mobile technology and particularly local searches shows that offline sales improve too. Over 88% of consumers visit stores within 24 hours of running local searches, which is why GMB listings and local campaigns are vital.

Source: https://seoexpertbrad.com/local-seo-stats/

#8. Results can be measured

Digital marketing campaigns can be analysed in real-time while the various metrics can pinpoint the success and failings with the audience as a whole as well as individual demographics. Using this data for ongoing guidance can help you unlock the full potential of those campaigns for optimised results and profits.

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