Why You Need to Have Marketing Automation in Your Business

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In today’s market or modern marketing in other terms, marketing automation is a must-have. However, many business people are still confused and still questioning the exact definition of it, even though it is some kind of thing that is easy to read and hear about this certain topic.

67% of marketers like to use marketing automation platforms, with 87% of users of technology in top-performing firms.

What is Marketing Automation?

A software platform that smoothens, controls, and measures marketing tasks and workflows is called Marketing Automation. It allows you to be well-organized and also to increase revenue and grow into a more successful or powerful marketing team. That is just a partial definition of our topic. To learn further, these examples of strategies might help you to be more effective:


  • Email Marketing
  • Cross Channel Marketing Campaigns
  • Landing page creation
  • Segmentation
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Retention
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Measuring ROI
  • Website personalisation

These are the tactics you need to familiarize because it can help you, but of course, without the proper equipment, these strategies can be hard to accomplish. Exploring different options for profit means supporting their profit potential. In that matter, marketing automation is one of the potential-bearing options that modern companies must have and investigate.

78% are marketers who believe that marketing automation plays a dangerous role in the growth of revenue according to the study of Lenskold Group.

Symptoms that you need Marketing Automation to your Business.

  1. No Email List. If you are an avid fan of our blogs, you will know that having an email list is a must if you want to have a successful business in the modern market. The bigger your email list is, the higher chance that you can convert your audiences and make money. Your revenue from your email strategy lies in the list. The logic of creating an email list is very simple and easy to understand. It is as if people trust your business, they will undoubtedly subscribe to your mailing list.
  2. Insufficient funds to hire staff. As the saying “no man is an island” states, you cannot manage your own company by yourself, so it is literally a glorious thing to hire staff or other skilled marketers to help you grow your business. But absorbing an in-house employee is the least option, especially now that we are experiencing a pandemic. It is also a problem if you are just starting up a business and you don’t have the money to pay your employee regularly. That problem will lead you to the last choice, which is a marketing automation platform.
  3. Your campaigns are not profitable. The easiest way to understand this is this way, your primary goal is to make and earn money. If your idea or strategy does not lead you in making or earning money, then you may have a serious problem. Marketing automation helps in reducing the problem by providing you powerful statistics so you can see how far your marketing campaign is.

There are actually many signs and symptoms if you need to go and push through the marketing automation, but these three will have a great push in your ideas. Make sure to identify them and if you found these things in your business, then maybe you can use marketing automation.

To sum it all up, marketing automation enables departments to show the ROI (Return of Investment) of their campaigns. The ability to show the effectiveness of campaigns is helping marketing departments to move from cost centers to revenue generators. When teams are capable of proving how their campaigns affect the bottom line, they will continue in gaining more budgets for marketing programs. Marketers can try things out, they can be creative, and they can execute new campaigns and plans that will empower lead generation to have the help and support they need for their marketing campaigns.


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