Why You Need to Raise Your Content Game

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Do you like getting stuff for free? It depends on what, I suppose. How about a newspaper? Or maybe a magazine? Something that’s filled with fascinating news, intriguing insights, witty commentary and the shared experiences of people who’ve led interesting lives? Would that be appealing to you? You’d better believe it’s appealing to your customers too! Unique user generated content gives your customers and prospects something that they literally can’t get enough of… Something for nothing!

What’s more, in the increasingly competitive world of business in the late 2010s content marketing is no longer viewed as a novelty by your clientele, they expect it. And if they don’t get engaging content from you, they’ll get it from your competitors. Here are some reasons why you really need to raise your content game in 2019…

It helps people to form a personal connection with your brand

In the digital age, the customer is king. They have access to so many other brands, products and offers that enduring brand loyalty is getting harder and harder to come by. So, how can you ensure brand loyalty in an era where customers know that they can afford to be fickle? You need to build a relationship with them. The more you can make sure that your content resonates with them, the more you can generate content that is of real value, the more your content can help them to solve their everyday problems, the more of a personal connection they’ll feel with your brand and your business.

It keeps your brand at the forefront of customer’s minds

These days, your customers are deluged with enticing offers from competing brands every day. How will you ensure that your brand doesn’t get lost in the shuffle? Being able to provide your customers and prospects with a steady stream of regular content helps to ensure that your brand is never far from their thoughts.

It benefits your SEO

Every piece of original, unique content gives your customers another reason to stick with your brand at the expense of your competitors. But better yet, it can even make you more visible than them on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Why? Because when they keep coming back to your website, spending longer on your website and moving around more within your website, this all benefits your SEO. Search engines like big websites with lots of content and when users spend more time on page and navigating around the website rather than bouncing away from it, this does a lot to legitimise them in the eyes of search engine crawlers.

It helps you get to know your target market better

Keep an eye on the comments section of your blogs and video posts. See what they’re saying about your content or better yet, what kind of content they’re requesting. The comments sections can be a goldmine of valuable data which can inform your marketing strategy and help you to focus your efforts on bringing your customers more of what they want.

If you don’t bring your A game to the field of content marketing, your competitors will… At your expense!

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