Winning at LinkedIn

Linkedin has become a must have for any professional, looking to raise their profile.

From a lead generation tool to an online CV builder, Linkedin is the largest Business to Business social media network out there. So why do so many people get it wrong?

Whether your goal is to master LinkedIn lead generation, grow your personal brand, produce authority-building content, or all of the above – This course will provide you with tips and techniques to get it right!.

In this workshop, we will look at Linkedin as an overall platform, giving you an insight into it’s background, before looking at how you can really start to use it as a tool to build your business.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of Linkedin
  • Profile Review – write a winning LinkedIn profile
  • Lead Generation with Linkedin
  • Build connections and turn your connections into clients
  • Company Pages and groups on Linkedin

We will unpick how to use LinkedIn for lead generation, explore Sales Navigator and share the process that generated more than £1.8m in leads for a company in just 4 months!

This workshop is the perfect way for you to learn the fundamentals of Linkedin and allow you to reach more of your ideal clients in less time and generate more sales.


A recent attendee on this course – Marketing & Communications Manager for a large, digital manufacturing solutions & services company – March 2022, comments:

“The tips Matt has given me to improve my profie on LinkedIn are going to be a great benefit!”

“The best bit was the lead generation section! Matt was really good, Thank you”